May Park (Thompson – Khalaf)

May Park Memorial

May park was a Christian missionary to Lebanon and Hong Kong for over 40 years and served the Lord most of her life.  She was affiliated with the Assembly of God Churches.

MARY THOMPSON was born on February 17, 1909, in Pemberton, New Jersey, to NETTIE HEWLINGS, age 24, and PIERCE CLINE THOMPSON, age 28.

May was born on Feb 17th 1909 and went to heaven on August 27th 1993

May came to the USA from Lebanon with Mary Lee Leslie her daughter on April 29th 1946

May remarried Rev. Harland Park on August 25th 1962 when she was 53 years old.

Her husband HARLAND A passed away on March 5, 1971, at the age of 63 in Hong Kong. They had been married 8 years.

May Park

Her mother NETTIE passed away on November 12, 1962, in Washington, District of Columbia, at the age of 77.

She was born in Pemberton, Burlington, New Jersey, United States and died at 84 years old in San Diego,San Diego, California, United States and buried at El Camino mortuary in San Diego.

Najib Khalif and his bride May Park