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Language landmarks: the title of an unpublished encyclopedic dictionary!

Dr.. Suhail Mneimneh.

On it, and in its connections with modern languages, in its suitability for use in different generations, in its flexibility and ability to keep pace with urbanization in every aspect, and in what the languages ​​of the past and the present world have provided and promised. And I replaced what the Arabic contained in terms of advantages and what it contains of abbreviation in pronunciation, writing, carving, and constructing sentences with elegance, composition, and gentler coordination. I mentioned extensive chapters on derivation, analogy, common pronunciation, opposites, following, characteristics, differences, dialects, heart, substitution, rhetoric, eloquence, metaphor, and metaphor, and in poetry, prosody, rhyme, and types of Arabic calligraphy from the beginning of time… I made it easy for the pleader to use a word hidden from him, or escaping from his mind, or hovering around his mind, so that you find what ask as fast as the blink of an eye. And I did not make that chapters only in the manner of books on jurisprudence of language, but I also included it in lexical form that you take in its place.

A few months ago, I received an envelope sent by my friend, Professor Ibrahim Yousef Khalaf, a former member of the Board of Directors of the National Archives. It contained a file on the biography of the late lawyer Najeeb Ibrahim Khalaf, his glossary and the event of his death. The lexicon topic affected my interest, especially after I read what was written about it in the file, and what some Arab and Oriental writers and writers said about it. The day of the Arab Cultural Conference in Lebanon in 1947: A dictionary like this is the work of titans, not the work of an individual…. Who is the author of this work?

Najeeb Ibrahim Khalaf was born in the town of Yaskanna, in the Matn district of Mount Lebanon Governorate, in the year 1882, to Orthodox parents, Ibrahim Nehme Khalaf and Merna Abdullah Khalaf. He was educated at the Baskentian Oriental School, which was run by the Russian mission, and from there he moved to the American Souk Al-Gharb School, where he completed his secondary education, studying law under his brother Melhem, Professor Salim Rustum Baz, and Sheikh Elias Kissar. He taught several years in the schools of Yaskinna, Broumana, and Choueifat, and worked as a lawyer in the Mutasarrifate of Lebanon, the Baabda Center and the Bendin Center for ten years, and the Second World War in Batroun, and in Beirut for twenty-five years. In Mount Lebanon, Wasim was a Baptist priest in the summer of 1911. He died on Tuesday, July 11, 1944, as a result of a brain explosion, while he was pleading before the Mixed Court of Appeal. He wrote several books, the most important of which are

From this dictionary, you will learn about the morals of the Arabs, their virtues, their boasts, their livelihoods, and all aspects of life among them in different eras, so you will take for them an honest history and a translation for the advancement and gradation of Arab thought. From it, metaphor, metaphor, or simile, then what came to it from the Qur’an with the mention of the surah and the verse number, and poetry, usage, proverbs, and wisdom, explaining the methods of the Arabs and the wonders of their behavior in their tolerant language and their skill in derivation and composition. The author has cited examples in all branches

It is lengthy, amounting to about sixty volumes, cutting the major dictionaries, so that one volume of them composes more than a thousand and a half pages. with its combinations or antonyms of words, phrases, and sentences, and the wisdom and proverbs contained therein, and I made an introduction to it of nearly four thousand pages that includes research in the body of the language, the origins of words and their weights, and the philosophy of letters and their composition. A word consisting of two letters in which the meaning is spent by inserting the third letter, and some difference differs only with the difference in the pronunciation between the lightness of the letter included in it. Or in the middle, so that the one who reflects on the knowledge of the advantages of the letters can know even the meaning of the eternal parts of the word by simply looking at the combined letters and to

Mentioned There is no room here to mention them. Al-Zarkali mentioned in Al-Ilama Part 8 page 12 in his translation of Naguib Khalaf that the dictionary was presented by his heirs to the Linguistic Assembly in Egypt. When I contacted the family to confirm the validity of this matter, they confirmed to me that this was not true and that the printed material (7000 pages and many clippings are preserved with the former head of the Bar Association, Sheikh Antonio Al-Hashem in the town of Besalim Al-Muthania, Hasbaya Al-Mina – this is just the tip of the iceberg of the author’s style in this huge encyclopedic work which death prevented him from completing, but what he accomplished remains like a precious pearl hidden in a dark shell waiting for someone to bring it to light.

A dictionary of language features is the subject of this article. About the lexicon, the late Najeeb Khalaf said that this lexicon will be a modern collection, a gathering of philology and literature of the Arabs, from which you will read their history and morals in their language in various forms and forms, and a motivator for the backward to restore the glories of the predecessors and the women with them. Books of literature and art, rather I collected in it all that I reached my hands of their books, and I read about a million other secrets of the language and half a page from it, from which I extracted what I saw and summarized what

I expanded on the chapter on the succession of letters so that this research composes about a few hundred pages, and I looked at the place of the Arabic language among the ancient languages, especially the Semitic and the modern, and its being inherited and inherited in the Semitic languages ​​and followed

Regarding his style of writing, he said: Thirty years ago I set out to compile a dictionary

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