Najib Khalaf

Najib Khalaf

In one of the documents presented to the court barrister ( and Baptist minister ) Najeeb I. Khalaf said that the court favored one party in the ” ROUMOUL CASE ” . The court decided to call lawyer Khalaf , who represented the Rifa3i family , for questioning. When called to defend himself, Khalaf stood up and began a lengthy defense on the right of the lawyer to use such terms. After more than 40 min of oral pleading, a masterpiece, lawyer Khalaf died and fell to the ground. That was on July 11, 1944.

Lawyer Khalaf then at the end of his address, bowed his head in prayer , as he always did after an address, and then fell down dead. His young daughter, Marylee, saw in a dream her father in heaven a most beautiful place, and was much comforted so there were no more tears.

Najeeb Khalaf before his conversion to Christianity

Najib (Najeeb or Nejib) Khalaf Arabic Scholar Presidental Merit of Honor Recipient.

Najeeb Khalaf
Daddy is beaming over his little girl!

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