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WALL Professor Najeeb Khalaf made his own way, for he is a disobedient in the truest sense of the word. He took knowledge as much as was available to him, then completed it with his beginning. His poetry is strong in grammar, eloquent in scope, correct in expression, but his prose is a refrain, even if it has divisions.

Jurist and literary excellence is due to his vocation.

From the eloquence of the ancients, he wrote a lot, and the Arab treasury owes him a different dowry that he presented to him. His care was directed towards the issuance of an Arabic dictionary in “Istadak Ghayran.” Wabar, despite his aspects in the judiciary, is from the heart of the people of law – he took him as a companion to Sabja Omar Astan

R Hassan, existence, and manifesting Bayrid in the form of wonderful logic to his unique personality, and he prepared it for the high rank and was constantly thinking? Keen on time, present in blessing, a few films of different formats do not leave his pocket with a set of papers, presenting his thoughts and observations without costing himself one-eyed supplies

Inspection is the age of paper and pens, and perhaps he had some advantages other than I was careful to leave them with others who were assigned to Bakhsh in the private book, although the most famous of them was that he respected himself and respected his friend and showed him (and few are honored in this capacity).

1980 1656 March

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I remain

2 april 145

Dear Mrs Khaloff.

Shane received your letter which.


one whether have anything of the life bestory of your husband

to be published in a special pamphlet, what I know

certainly known by all others. He was well known.

all over

for his wide knowledge, good charachter.

He was a poet,

en orator and capable lawyer.

He had fu was well versed in the Arabic Langurage.

and had the privilege to read extracts from

his famous Krabic Encyclopedia,

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from the work.

when I fell

epend long hours reading.

He had a special way of defending a case &


Lead a unique style of its own

He was a close friend to Mr. Figo Puant

Funds Wight Commissioner.

the war.

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Based on God, you may be rewarded

There is no paternity

Seet his sister

I was honored to write your book Tibniyyah if I know Shaban and Hayat al-Moallem, your immortal husband said, to write a special publication about him. Do not think that I do not know him at Bara Sawal, for he, may God have mercy on him, was well-known to everyone, far and near, with his wide knowledge, good morals, and good conduct. I walked the Euphrates, Hanna Khan Bassiouni, and he read to me from valuable pages. It was a reading that knows the long hours, and we did not forget the statement of the letter Baa.

And whoever has two pleadings in space has some special method for B, if its height carries a floor, then it is conquered by it alone

And what I know about it was a warm stare of Milo Commissary LB French governed by A

The ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF THE SOVIET UNION in LEBANON kindly asks you to attend the inauguration of:


which will take place at the National Museum, Friday, February 23, 1945 at 3 p.m. 30,

Under the High Patronage of His Excellency THE PRESIDENT OF THE LEBANESE REPUBLIC

and the Presidency of His Excellency THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL




with John








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Your friend,



My Dear Mary Lee,

sincerely hope

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With love,


Top them for his family

And the new word?

My first greeting

Sheikh Mustafa Al-Ghalay Bani

Your sons are great

Beirut: on the 2nd of Azar: 1945 134 Corresponding

Dear professional sister

I have seen your letter sent in the name of my late father

And I knew that you were infected with what we are. You kindly requested what

He knows him from the minutes and anecdotes of his life.

It is with regret that I inform you of the death of my father, Sheikh Mustafa Al-Ghalayini, and I ask God to make it easy for you and us

These two calamities and inspire us all patience, and accept

With the utmost respect


The intention of the deceased. Sheikh Mustafa Al-Saray